Analogue Vs Digital Scalextric

It’s a tough call!

Do digital Scalextric sets do it for you? Or are you happier with a classic analogue racing track?

The Analogue v Digital debate throws up all sorts of interesting questions.

Let’s start with the big one:

What is digital Scalextric and what benefits does it offer over analogue?

For starters, digital enhances the Scalextric experience by allowing cars to change lanes.

Even the most diehard vintage fan would have to admit that’s pretty impressive! It evens things up on the larger four-lane tracks. Digital really trumps analogue on the fairness front. With the latter, a car in the outside lane usually has longer to travel than one positioned on the inside.

With analogue, your controller directs what goes on in your lane. It’s not possible to have more than one car in any single lane. However, digital disposes with that restriction. How? By allowing the controller to direct your car, not the lane. This means 2-6 cars can run in the same lane and be controlled independently.

In short, digital Scalextric gives you greater control over the whole racing experience.

Another point worth remembering is that digital cars perform via a special interior chip. If you want to upgrade an analogue car it’s possible to do so.

Are analogue and digital Scalextric products compatible?

There is no hard and fast rule on this point but we can confirm the following:

You can run digital cars on analogue track but the reverse isn’t possible.

Here’s another eternally asked question:

Will my old analogue track work with a modern digital one?

The answer to that question is - sort of!

You can add digital sections to an analogue track. However, do bear in mind that combining analogue and digital track can have unpredictable results. Digital is less forgiving of poor connections between sections. You need the right amount of current to get connect with the cars’ motors to make them move.

Look out for bent or missing connectors and keep your track surface clean. All you need to keep it free from grime and dust is a damp or lightly oiled cloth. Not only will you have a nice clean track, your car tyres will get the best possible grip.

If you have a classic track that’s been tarnished, a Hornby Railways track rubber could be just what the doctor ordered. Or you could try special track cleaner.

Upgrading from Analogue to Digital Scalextric

Already in possession of lots of analogue Scalextric products? If you do fancy moving over to the digital side, buying a basic digital set is the way forward. It’s the cheapest and fastest way of buying controllers, track sections, a digital transformer and a couple of digital cars.

Starting from scratch? Buying a larger set is the way to go. You’ll get the cars and controllers along with over 6m of track. If you’re planning a mammoth Scalextric circuit, it’s easy to get hold of individual digital track sections.